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NoSQL databases are finding a constantly increasing interest and growing industry use in big data and real-time web and mobile applications. spViewer Software company is proud to offer to numerous NoSQL databases users a new product NoSQL Viewer. NoSQL Viewer is innovative and powerful software product for popular Big Data NoSQL databases MongoDB, Couchbase, Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase. This unique product provides convenient and easy to use GUI framework for data manipulation and management of your NoSQL databases. NoSQL Viewer is a must have tool for NoSQL and Big Data software developers, database administrators and analysts. spViewer Software offers free and full versions of NoSQL Viewer. The free version supports almost all features available in full version. The only limitation is the number of databases the free version can work with.

Why NoSQL Viewer?

  • NoSQL Viewer is a free GUI client tool for MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, CouchDB, HBase NoSQL databases.
  • NoSQL Viewer enables users to simultaneously view, query, and modify data in your NoSQL databases from a single framework eliminating the need of usage multiple data viewers or editors designed for different types of NoSQL databases.
  • Furthermore, NoSQL Viewer supports easy and powerful high-performance data migration functionality between any of supported Big Data datanases.
  • The software enables NoSQL database developers and users to effectively query NoSQL data based on the specific query API provided by particular NoSL database.
  • NoSQL Viewer provides a lot of other useful features for NoSQL database users like object view and management, data manipulation, etc
  • NoSQL Viewer enables you to use regular SQL statements like SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE to query and modify MongoDB data without the need to learn MongoDB shell syntax.
  • And one of the great and important things: NoSQL Viewer is FREE for usage with 2 databases of any type! The free version of NoSQL Viewer supports almost all features available.

Software Requirements

Client operating systemsWindows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Supported NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Couchbase, Apache CouchDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase

Licensing Schema

NoSQL Viewer is FREE for use for 2 databases of any type. The free NoSQL Viewer version supports almost all features which are available in full version. If you need to use NoSQL Viewer for larger number of databases or want to purchase a full software license, you can purchase additional licenses. We can offer you significant discounts based on the number of licenses purchased. Read more information below.

License Discounts

It is very easy to get additional license discounts or even get the FREE full license for NoSQL Viewer! Refer NoSQL Viewer product or place a link to NoSQL Viewer software on your company web site success stories page, write a product review, create a forum thread or suggest our software on database forums topics, make a how-to video or post about our software tools on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts. You can also share your opinion and experience about NoSQL Viewer on NoSQL or Big Data database related and reliable web resources like forums, professional social networks or resources, conferences you know. Simply send us the link with your article or post about NoSQL Viewer software and you will get a significant discount (minimum 25%) or even a FREE license for NoSQL Viewer product Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any additional questions about our Discount Program.

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Key Features

  • Full support of popular NoSQL databases MongoDB, Couchbase, Apache CouchDB, Cassandra, HBase
  • Convenient GUI framework to query, view, modify NoSQL database data
  • Full support of MongoDB shell syntax and commands
  • Automatically converts SQL statements like SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE to MongoDB shell commands
  • Support of database objects management
  • High-performance data migration between supported NoSQL databases
  • Support of specific query APIs for supported databases
  • Designed for NoSQL database developers, analysts and database administrators
  • An intuitive GUI to access and modify NoSQL data
  • Ability to view, store and modify BLOB binary data of any type in any of supported databases
  • Much more advanced features