What We OfferFor Your Data?

About Us spViewer Software company is a world leading software vendor for Oracle and NoSQL Big Data databases. We provide innovative, powerful and cost-effective software solutions and tools for Oracle and such NoSQL Big Data databases as MongoDB, Apache CouchDB, Apache Hadoop/HBase, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase. The company was founded in 2001 by leading database experts and software developers. Our team consists of highly experienced IT professionals with more than 16 years of database and software development experience.

More than 15000 companies around the world use our software products in their database IT infrastructure. We develop innovative and quality performance tuning and data migration software for small, medium-sized companies, and corporate customers. Database administrators (DBA), software developers and consultants rely on our software in their professional career.

Read more about our software products and services below and contact us for assistance. We are always very glad to help you in finding optimal solution for your IT database needs.

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Discount ProgramBenefit from our unique and very attractive discount program where you can even get licenses for our software products FREE of charge. Read more information about our discount program below.

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Free NoSQL Viewer! spViewer Software is proud to make the following very interesting and attractive offer to all Big Data database users: NoSQL Viewer may be used FREE for two databases of any supported type!

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Why You NeedOur Software?

Innovative SoftwareWe offer to our customers innovative, comprehensive and highly demanded software products for database performance management and data migration between widely used Oracle databases and popular Big Data NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Apache Hadoop/HBase, Apache CouchDB, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase.

Our software product line includes Oracle database performance management and monitoring DBA tool dbTrends for Oracle based on Oracle AWR and STATSPACK, Oracle AWR and STATSPACK performance analysis, tuning and reporting tools for Oracle DBA spReporter and spAnalyzer. Our data management software tool oraPumper provides a convenient framework for data exporting and importing based on Oracle database Data Pump technology.

NoSQL Viewer product for Big Data databases is an unique and must have tool for NoSQL database developers, analysts, database administrators and experts. NoSQL Viewer provides convenient and comprehensive framework for productive working with data stored in various NoSQL databases. Even more this tool supports data migration between different types of supported NoSQL databases. More advansed data management features are supported.

We are also proud to offer to our clients innovative Big Data migration suite which enables our customers to perform high-performance data migration between Oracle and NoSQL databases. The Big Data migration suite for Oracle and NoSQL databases contains the following products: BigDataPumper, MongoDBPumper, CouchDBPumper, HBasePumper, CassandraPumper, CouchbasePumper.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our software products and services. You are welcome to download and evaluate our software products. All trial software products are fully functional and may be evaluated during 30 days period. Our technical support service is happy to answer all your questions and assist you in problem troubleshooting and resolution. Start your evaluation now!